How much does it cost?

$20 per person + tax.

Can I get a refund?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel your reservation at least 5 hours in advance. There will be no refunds after that time.

Are you really locked in the room?

Kind of. You will be locked in the room but there is an emergency key which you can use at any time. Additionally, our staff will be watching you the whole time on a live video feed. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can be let out at any time.

Is there an age limit?

Yes - the recommended minimum age is 15. If a younger escapee would like to participate, please give us a call in advance. Keep in mind, younger participants will require adult supervision.

How many people can be in a group?

The Clinical Trial.......4 - 7
The Penitentiary...........3 - 7
The Fortune Teller.....2 - 5
The Backyard..........3 - 6

If you have 8 or more in your group, you will have to break up into small groups and use various rooms simultaneously. If this is the case, you will need to call to reserve.

Will there be other people in the room with my group?

No. We never pair different groups together, regardless of how many people you have in your group.

Is any prior knowledge or physical strength required?

No prior knowledge is required. Some light lifting, bending over, or reaching down low may be necessary.

What happens if we don't escape?

Our staff will let you out and show you what you missed.

Can I replay the same room over again?

No. Once you have done a room you cannot do it again, even if your team lost.

Can I play the game while intoxicated / is it BYOB?

We strongly recommend against playing the game intoxicated...it makes it a lot harder. Additionally, if our employees deem your team to be too intoxicated, we reserve the right to terminate your game early without a refund. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

Is Trapped! for everyone?

Not necessarily - please call or email before reserving if you suffer from any phobias or disorders that may cause a negative reaction from being locked in a room for an hour.

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