The Backyard

Group Size: 3-6 People

Difficulty: HARD

Recommended For: Any group that wants a challenge!

THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE: we regret to inform you that your home is being foreclosed upon and demolished. There is now one hour until the demolition crew arrives. Please evacuate the premises immediately. Your home cannot be saved…so do not try.

The Fortune Teller

Group Size: 2-5 People

Difficulty: MODERATE

Recommended For: First-timers or a date night!

Welcome to Madame Chevalier's fortune telling parlor! See into the past, understand the present, and know the future with tarot cards, palm reading, tea leaves... and more. But something is not quite right in this parlor of prophecy...can you help?
The Penitentiary

Coming Soon!
The Clinical Trial

Group Size: 4-7 People

Difficulty: EXTREME

Recommended For: Experienced escape artists only!

Global Pharmaceuticals invites you test out our newest drug, Neuromizapan! Test subjects will complete a series of tasks, both mental and physical, under the influence of the drug. However, all side effects have not been identified yet. Can you make it all the way through the testing process?

Friends, family, or co-workers - it doesn’t matter who you do it with, just grab a few teammates and see if you’ve got what it takes. Find out why room escape games are the newest exciting challenge that’s sweeping the nation!
Teams must communicate and work together to progress through the game, and they have a blast doing it. Try something different that will build camaraderie and teamwork amongst your group.
Birthday parties, anniversaries, date night, out-of-town visitors; whatever your event or celebration, Trapped will make it unique and exciting. Instead of the same old destinations, discover the new challenge of a room escape game!
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