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We have 4 exciting rooms to choose from! Whether you are looking for some fun with friends or an off-site team building experience, Trapped! will get your blood pumping and your brain working!

"Ah, we were 30 seconds from escaping! It was really fun, it totally didn't feel like an hour!"

- Mike B on Google


Welcome to Madame Chevalier's fortune telling parlor! See into the past, understand the present, and know the future with tarot cards, palm reading, tea leaves... and more. But something is not quite right in this parlor of prophecy...can you help?


THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE: we regret to inform you that your home is being foreclosed upon and demolished. There is now one hour until the demolition crew arrives. Please evacuate the premises immediately. Your home cannot be saved…so do not try.


Lawton State Penitentiary welcomes our newest inmates. We hope your time here will be productive as you contemplate the crimes against society that you have committed. We ask that you please abide by our #1 rule: DO NOT TRY TO ESCAPE.


The Patio

The annual Patio Festival is today! People from all over the world

will be here to marvel at the beauty  that can be found behind the gates of any resident who feels confident enough to show off their little oasis. Your gate is open this year and the festival is starting soon! 




What areas do you buy in?

Our primary areas of focus at this time are presently in the North Georgia area.

Do you purchase any and all types of properties?

We currently purchase all non-commercial. residential properties, mobile homes, and land lots. That means all single family homes. townhouses, condos, as well as duplex/triplexes/fourplexes. If you have another type of residential property, we will still evaluate it to see if it fits our investment criteria. If it does we will happily make you an offer for it.

Do you pay market value? Will you need or use an appraisal? How do you determine the offer amount?

Typically, our offers are below market value and an appraisal is not necessary. Every home owner's situation is unique, as are the factors which ultimately determine what we are willing to offfer for a home. Our process takes into consideration things such as the age and condition of a home, costs of needed repairs, as well as the urgency of your individual situation. Ultimately, our offers are very fair, even though they may not be market value because you, the seller, do not have to incur the costs of: repairs, real estate agent commissions, upgrading appliances, closing fees, holding the property through a longer selling process and other costs associated with selling through more traditional avenues.

How long does the process take?

The simple answer is, much faster than traditional means such as listing with a realtor or running "For Sale by Owner" ads and hoping to find the right buyer on your own. Realistically, you'll receive an offer on the spot after we view your property and we are able to sell with in 30 days or less.

What if I need time before we close the transaction? Do I have to close quickly?

We work with you to close on the date of your choice as fast as 30 days. If you need additional time for any reason, take all you want. We will always work with you to ensure a win-win approach to buying your property.

Do you charge a fee for your services?

No, when you choose to sell to us there are absolutely no fees to use our services and you should NEVER trust any "investor" who offers to buy your property where you have to pay a fee! We are not real estae agents looking to represent you, so there is no commission which we are going to collect if you choose to sell us your property. We do not collect any type of commission on the property. We pay you cash for your property, not the other way around. There are no hidden commissions or agendas, no small print, no hidden fees or costs. We are straight forward and tell you everything that will take place during the process.

Do I have to accept your offer?

There is NEVER an obligation for you to accept our offer. By submitting your information and requesting an offer you do not tie up your property or limit yourself from pursuing other avenues fo reselling.

If I have moved out of town or live in a different area than the property I am selling, will I have to come back to close?

No, the title services and closing professionals we use are well versed in dealing with situations like this and you can complete your end of the closing locally.

Will the information I submit be kept private?

Absolutely! We respect your right to privacy and protect all personal, sensitive information submitted.


At Trapped, groups work as a team to advance through the games and solve problems together! Communication is required to advance each step of the way. And the best part...its all indoors! 

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